Black Ops Cold War: How To Fix Error Code 3107840166

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Black Ops Cold War hs now released all over the world.

The game is playable on all platforms essentially, including the new PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. 


Cross-play is also enabled if you are playing on PC, so you can squad up with some of your friends.

However, if you are playing on PC you may be encountering an annoying error code 3107840166.

This has caused players game to crash and it is being reported all over the world.

Here are some ways we have had success in resolving the error code! 




This error has been happening to many players on PC and has caused widespread game crashes.

This will cause Black Ops Cold War to exit completely and you will be back at your desktop.


There are several possible roots of this error code, and we have pinpointed some of them. 

One issue that can easily be resolved is to check if your Nvidia or AMD drivers are up to date.

If they are not, this is more than likely the cause of the issue, so be sure to go ahead and update them! 

Now, if your drivers are updated and you still encounter this issue; there are some workarounds.


When the crash happens, try and scan and repair the error code.

This can be done within the game options tap and will prompt you with the option.

As well, another workaround could be to reset your PC!

If all else fails, we recommend lowering your graphic settings to relieve the work load your GPU is undergoing.


We assume Treyarch will address this error code in an upcoming patch, so fingers crossed it is fixed! 


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