Black Ops Cold War Glitch Teases Exo Suit Bar

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Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War is due to arrive on December 16th, 2020.

This comes after it was unfortunately delayed a few days, but at least it is still releasing this month.

For the time being, players are checking out all the new content within multiplayer this year.


Black Ops Cold War is being praised as having one of the better multiplayer in recent years.

Albeit, there are some glitches and bugs that need ironing out.

Including one that a player has encountered while in a match, which teases the return of an old mechanic.

Not really, but you will see it down below! 



ModernWarzone on Twitter posted a pretty funny image over the weekend.


It notes that a player has encountered a glitch while playing multiplayer.

The glitch itself showcases the old exo suit bar from the previous Call of Duty games.

This is more than likely a visual bug and not a representation of what is it come within Cold War.

Besides, it would not make any sense for soldiers during the Cold War to have these advanced pieces of technology. 

Check it out below.

His game glitched and showed an Exo suit bar 😅 #BlackOpsColdWar(Via u/CFceoMike)
— ModernWarzone (@ModernWarzone)
December 5, 2020

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