Black Ops Cold War Glitch Grants Player Dark Matter Camo For Free

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Black Ops Cold War has been the subject of high volumes of traffic today after a new update went live.

Update 1.06 implemented some necessary weapon balancing and the game has already experienced a shift in the meta.


Now players are getting into the groove of the new Call of Duty, and we are looking ahead to season one.

In the downtime between now and the first season, many of you are probably trying to obtain all of the camos for your favorite weapons.

Well, it appears one lucky player has been granted the Dark Matter camo for absolutely nothing! 

Here's what happened. 



Accidents Happen

Twitter user HHamii_ tweeted over the weekend that they were apparently granted Dark Matter camo for doing none of the challenges.

The tweet notes the following context: 


Context: Unlocked one random Mp5 camo during a Zombies match, died trying to exfil. Granted Dark Matter instead. Still need all ARs, SUBs, and launchers. Was truly excited almost being finished with the grind. Hope Treyarch sees this and finds a fix!!

This was posted alongside an image to show proof; as well they appear to have Dark Matter camo for EVERY weapon! 

This appears to be a massive glitch from the side of Treyarch.

As the Dark Matter camo is one of the most sought after camos within any Call of Duty, so to get it for free appears to be a bit odd.


Treyarch has noted that are working on a fix for this glitch.

No exact way to complete this glitch is known as of now either, it looks to be just a random glitch occurring to some players. 

We will have to wait and see when Treyarch patches this, and if it happens to any more players! 


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