Black Ops Cold War Beta: Fireteam Dirty Bomb Release Date, Maps And Details Leaked

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Black Ops Cold War is looking to be one of the best Call of Duties in recent memory.

With the release of the Open Beta on PS4, there is so much to look forward to this year.


From Zombies to the Campaign and now the new game mode Fireteam which has had some details leaked!



For those who do not know, Fireteam is the brand new mode coming to Cold War later this year.


Instead of the regular 6V6 style, this game mode is going to feature multiple teams all on one massive map.

There will be objectives over the course of the match that you will have to complete, and these will change the landscape of the map. 

Now, there have been some leaks regarding the description of the two Fireteam maps courtesy of the following Activision Support article. 

Here they are: 

  • Ruka (Fireteam) – The essence of Ruka is all about the feeling of running through a dense forest, darting between trees, and using the natural elements as cover and engagement opportunities. On top of that, we wanted to make sure there were good destinations mixed in, so you will find that the Spetsnaz GRU training grounds offer that up, in the form of the obstacle course, cabins, hidden bunkers, etc – it was all about balancing the natural with the man-made elements across the very expansive play space. Make no mistake, Ruka is very large and packed with dangers and opportunities, but we built it to be a sandbox of fun and discovery.
  • Alpine (Fireteam) – Alpine is the culmination of a few ideas – it be awesome to build a map on the side of a mountain, and it would be pretty awesome to fight in and around ski slopes, both things we had never explored together. The end result after combining these and lots and lots of playtesting, is a very fun, very unique large map that offers players the opportunities for them to pick their own adventure when they hit the ground. Want high risk verse reward? Check – try crossing, or running up the ski slopes/lanes, you might get sniped. Want to be a CQB master? Check – own the forested sections using the natural elements. Or do you want to roam between medium and long range? We got you, just rotate and roam the man-made structures spread out across the mountain side. Bottom line is that Alpine offers players a lot of ways to play and approach the map – they are in command, and to us, that is the magic sauce.

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As of now, the Fireteam game mode is not present in the Black Ops Cold War beta.

It has been confirmed that it will be added during the second week of the beta; which kicks off for early access on October 15!


Fireteam appears to be a unique concept for a Call of Duty game, and seems to be a nice change of pace from the regular game modes we are used too!


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