Black Ops Cold War and COD Mobile Appear To Be Connected!

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The Black Ops Cold War beta has been a massive hit with players across all platforms.

It appears Treyarch has hit home with many this year, as it is gearing up to be the best Call of Duty in recent years. 


For fans of the COD Mobile game, there has been a recently posted video that all but alludes to the two titles being somewhat connected.

Take a look down below!



InfoCoDEsp_ tweeted out a short video which details some events taking place within the COD Mobile universe from what we can tell.


The talking point behind this image is the events occurring in the video along with the text above the video. 

Tweeted out with the hashtags #CODMobile X #BlackOpsColdWar this alludes to the two being tied together in some regards.

As well, during the video we see glimpses of events from the Black Ops Cold War era; and it presents the same tone that other teaser videos have in the past.

You can check out the full video for yourself here!





At the end of the video, it appears they are gearing up to take on a new map within the COD Mobile realm. 


The map itself is called The Club or otherwise referred to as Black Site 97 and has a Cold War tone for sure.

Whether or not we see the actual maps from Black Ops Cold War inside COD Mobile is unknown as of now.

We will have to wait and see!


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