Black Ops Cold War 24 Feb 2021 2:34 PM +00:00

Black Ops Cold War: Alpha glitch gives players extra guns


Call of Duty pro Justin Fargo found a fun bug while playing in the Black Ops Cold War alpha on Friday.

Three-gun glitch in the Black Ops alpha


“Has anybody else had this three-gun glitch?” he tweeted, along with a brief gameplay clip.

Clear as day, you can watch as Fargo cycles through his weapons: a Type 821, XM4, and Diamatti.

“I’m very confused,” he says.

“How do I carry three guns? I have three guns. Bro, am I faded? No, I have three guns.”

A four-gun glitch, even?

In the replies, one Twitter user writes, “Someone had four earlier.”

“I had four guns once,” says another.

Given Fargo’s surprise, it seems as though this is just one of those fluke things that can happen when a game’s still in development.

If you’re dying to give this a try, and roll with three or four guns instead of the standard two, maybe just pick up weapons from the floor as often as possible.


Cycle through and watch for that miraculous third piece. It’ll likely happen if you play enough.

The alpha’s free to play for all PlayStation 4 owners this weekend. No PS Plus subscription is required outside of Germany.

Should be a fun weekend. Good luck out there!

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