Black Ops 2 Map Hijacked Rumored to be Coming to Cold War

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The beloved map that takes place on a cruise ship from Call of Duty: Black Ops II is rumored to be making its way to Cold War in the next season along with another "surprise" remaster.

The rumor comes from MW2Ghost on Twitter who says "90% sure Hijacked is coming [to cold war] next season."


As with any leak and rumor, nothing is confirmed until we receive a release date from the developers.

Black Ops 2 Map Hijacked Rumored to be Coming to Cold War

Hijacked was first re-released as part of Black Ops III DLC pack Awakening and was called Skyjacked.


The game saw the map redesigned, to fit the futuristic theme of Black Ops III.

If we see Hijacked come in the new season of Cold War, we can expect it to be a remastered version of the Black Ops II map.

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Adding a reskinned map is nothing new for the franchise, and fits in with the theme we have been seeing for previous seasons of Cold War, with the re-release of the Standoff map in the current season.

Many of the old maps that we have been seeing re-added into cold war are maps from Black Ops II, which is leaving players wondering if they will get to see any of their favorite maps from others games in the series such as Black Ops I.

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