Flea Market Animal Crossing New Horizons: Dates, Rewards, Items And Everything You Need To Know

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New Horizons is getting a massive update later this week. 

The new WInter Update is going to implement a lot of content; including the holiday-themed Toy Day.


This new update is also implementing some new cosmetic items, along with more ways to upgrade your storage.

There is going to be an ample amount of events coming soon to New Horizons and one that may be implemented is the Flea Market event.

A place to gather around and buy and sell some of your items, this is an event you cannot miss! 

Here are all the details! 


What Is It? 

The Flea Market event is a week-long long event that has occurred in Wild World and City Folk.

During this weekend players were able to talk to other villagers from other islands and see some of the items they have for sale.

Basically like a real-life flea market but within the New Horizons universe! 


Not only can you purchase items from other players, but you are also able to sell your own furniture! 

So if you have any spare items laying around, this is a perfect time to get rid of them and make some profit. 

Check out the following YouTube video from TheAnimalForest showcasing the event!



If the Flea Market event is to occur, it will take place on the first Saturday and the fourth Sunday of every month.

So lookout for those dates in the coming weeks! 

Will It Occur? 

Whether or not this event occurs is unknown as of now.


It has not happened yet in New Horizons, but maybe with the New Year, they will release this event!

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