3 Classic Maps We Want To See In Season 3 Of Black Ops Cold War

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Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War is about to reach the halfway stage and despite the mid-season update being on the horizon, attention is already turning to what could be arriving as part of Season 3.

Post-launch content seasons in Black Ops Cold War have featured classic maps from previous Black Ops maps. Season 1 saw the return of iconic map Raid and Season 2 saw Express make its return to the Black Ops series.

Black Ops titles contain some of the very best multiplayer maps that have appeared in the popular first-person shooter franchise, and if previous seasons are anything to go by, it’s likely that more classic maps will be arriving to the map pool in Season 3.


With that said, here are 3 classic maps that we would love to see appear in Season 3.

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1) Standoff


Standoff Black Ops Cold War

Set in a small border town between China and Kyrgyzstan, Standoff is widely considered to be the greatest map in Call of Duty.


Featuring three distinct lanes and multiple chokepoints which provide players with numerous ways to play, Standoff would be the perfect addition to the Cold War map pool.

It’s not just the casual player base that would love to see Standoff make a return. The map played host to some incredible competitive matches and would be a welcome addition to the competitive map pool which has already seen the return of Raid and Express.

2) Meltdown


Meltdown Black Ops Cold War

While this abandoned power plant in the Balochistan Cliffs may not stay true to the Cold War setting, Meltdown would be another incredible map to add to the Cold War map pool.


Capitalising on Treyarch’s synonymous three-lane design, Meltdown has it all. One side of the map features long lines of sight perfect for sniper rifles while the central areas saw plenty of mid-range duels.

Perhaps the most memorable section of the map is inside the cooling tower containing numerous pillars in almost total darkness, providing plenty of chaotic close-quarters gunfights.

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3) Yemen


Yemen Black Ops Cold War



My third and final choice may not be one that many players would select, but in my opinion, this is one of the best maps that has featured in a Black Ops title.

Yemen from Black Ops 2 is one of the most balanced maps from a Black Ops title and contains a perfect mixture of close-range areas and long-distance sightlines which cater to every single style of play.

I think that this would be a better addition to Black Ops Cold War than the likes of Summit and Jungle, which have had their fair share of remakes and remasters over the years.

Which classic maps would you like to see return in Season 3? Let us know on Twitter!

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