BioShock Games Are Being Tested Internally at 2K, Sparking Remaster Rumours

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BioShock is overdue a return, not being seen since 2013's Infinite. While 2K previously confirmed a new entry's in the works, the original trilogy could be re-mastered again. Uncovered by u/cloudsheep0 on Reddit, 2K Games seems to be internally testing the original games, hinting at possible remasters.

So, what's been uncovered? Recently, entries for Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock Infinite were updated within SteamDB's database, showing that all three games are experiencing internal development. Potentially, publisher 2K Games could be hosting various changes to the games.

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BioShock Games Are Being Tested Internally at 2K, Sparking Remaster Rumours

Given the fact this trilogy was re-released in 2016 through BioShock: The Collection, it's unknown whether this would patch the existing collection or launch separately.

As highlighted by the Reddit user, these remasters were spotted in the recent Nvidia GeForce Now leak, where they appeared under the guise of 'BioShock RTX Remaster'.

Additionally, 'Bioshock 2022' was also evident during that leak, hinting at a potential release date for a new Bioshock entry next year. Previously, Bioshock 4 was confirmed to be in development at Cloud Chamber, being developed in Unreal Engine 5 and potentially open-world.

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