Biomutant Suburbia Vault: How to Unlock the Ultimate Ranged Weapon

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If you've found yourself wandering around the Suburbia area in Biomutant you will have noticed a nearby vault containing an Ultimate Ranged Weapon. You'll need a specific key to get inside this vault, which only drops from one enemy. Here's how to get into the Suburbia Vault and get the Ultimate Ranged Weapon in Biomutant.

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Biomutant Suburbia Vault: How to Unlock the Ultimate Ranged Weapon

To get inside the Suburbia Vault in Biomutant you will need to visit Moog in the SteepoDeepo. This is located in the Deadzone, where you received the Mech vehicle (location below). Talk to them to trigger the Schacky TunkGnut side mission. You'll need to kill an enemy in Suburbia. Once you have done so you'll get the key. Open the vault and interact with the locker inside to get the Ultimate Ranged Weapon.

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Suburbia Vault Ultimate Ranged Weapon

For opening the locker you'll get the Sparkatron Hypicskromp weapon. It's a decent ranged weapon that has 125 electric bonus damage. It also comes with the Momentum perk which increases rate of fire by 10 percent for each bullet fired until magazine is emptied. Make sure you pick up the other items in this room as well before heading out.

That's how to open the Suburbia Vault in Biomutant. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on turning off the narrator. Elsewhere there's our look at upgrading the crowbar.