Biomutant: How to Solve Rotation Puzzles

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Biomutant is filled with puzzles that need to be solved to complete certain quests. While the objects you'll interact with change, the puzzles are all largely the same. In this Biomutant Puzzles guide we'll show you how to solve Rotation Puzzles including those for Microwaves and Toilets. Let's get cracking.


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How to Solve Rotation Puzzles

Every Rotation in Biomutant follows the same basic principles. There are nodes to turn, and a set number of turns you can do before failing the puzzle. Each node has an orange/yellow side and a white side. You need to make sure yellow is touching yellow, and white touching white, completing the circuit. The number of turns you have is directly related to your character's intelligence. Let's look at some specific examples.


Microwave Puzzles

First up let's look at Microwave puzzles. In the image below you can see that there are coloured blocks either side of the nodes that you can turn. We've turned a node to match the white tab, and then matched the other tabs on the outside of the puzzle. Once you've done this you just need to make sure other nodes are colour-matched.


Toilet Rotation Puzzles

Toilet Rotation Puzzles are slightly different to the rest, in that they have zones instead of specific points for lines to match up. As before, choose a fixed edge of the puzzle. In the screenshot below you'll see we've used the white semi-circle at the bottom as a start. match the colours onto the next node and then work you're way around. You'll see that the lines can match up to any point in the semi-circles as long as they are of the same colour.


That's how to solve Rotation Puzzles in Biomutant. For more helpful tips on beating the game head over to our Mounts guide. Elsewhere there's our look at defeating the Porky Puff.