Biomutant Mercenary Class Not Showing Error

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Biomutant is out now, throwing players into a sprawling open-world filled with weird creatures, loot-filled ruins and more. If you pre-ordered the game you will have access to the Mercenary Class. For many players however, the Mercenary Class is not showing in-game. In this guide we'll take a look at how to redeem the Mercenary class on PS5, PS4 and Xbox, and give some information on the error associated with doing so.

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Biomutant Mercenary Class Not Showing Error

For many players, the Mercenary Class for Biomutant is not showing up in game, despite having pre-ordered the game. This is currently the only way to get the class, so is understandably quite a frustrating error. The devs are working on a fix, as explained in this Twitter post. Beyond that, make sure you have tried the relevant methods below for your platform of play. We'll update this page when we hear more.

How to Redeem on PS5

The easiest platform to redeem the Mercenary pre-order DLC for Biomutant is the PS5. Make sure the game is closed and press options on the game's tile, now select 'Manage Game Content'. You should see the Mercenary DLC listed and you'll see whether it's installed or not. If it isn't then select it for install.

How to Redeem on PS4

Redeeming the DLC is harder on PS4, and it's definitely the platform that is having the most issues. For now, you cannot download the Mercenary add-on via the PSN Store. Some users have reported that downloading the game through the mobile app has worked for them however.

A screenshot of the Mercenary Class in Biomutant
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Getting the Mercenary Class on Xbox

The process is much simpler on Xbox consoles. You just need to find Biomutant in the store and scroll over to add-ons. You'll see the Mercenary DLC listed if you have pre-ordered the game. Download and install it and it should show up when you start the game.


What's in the Mercenary Class DLC?

The Mercenary Class is styled after a classic samurai setup. You'll start with the dual-wield melee skill, allowing you to use a katana and Wakizashi blade at the same time. Other than these items you'll be able to unlock the same skills by playing other classes, so you won't be missing out on much.

That's all you need to know about getting the Mercenary Class in Biomutant. For more on the game be sure to check out our Biomutant Review. Elsewhere there's our look at unlocking the Automaton Glider.