Biomutant's Coming To PS5 and Xbox Series X|S In The Near Future

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Biomutant's been a long time coming. First revealed back in 2017, this upcoming action RPG launches on May 25, taking place in an open world environment with branching storylines. Originally confirmed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, THQ Nordic's just confirmed it's getting an upgrade.

Within a recently updated FAQ page, there's a question about which platforms Biomutant is launching for. As part of it, they confirmed that native version for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S were in the works, arriving "sometime in the near-ish future".


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Biomutant's Coming To PS5 and Xbox Series X|S In The Near Future

It follows on from previous hints by developers Experiment 101 that an upgraded edition was planned. Speaking to IGN previously, studio head Stefan Ljungqvist stated:

There is a high-end version of Biomutant already made for PC high-end versions. I mean, the game already in some form exists in what you would expect on the current-gen platforms. Are you going to be able to play it on [Xbox Series X]? Definitely. We will see moving forward what's going to happen, but you will definitely be able to play it on those consoles.

There's no word on whether Biomutant will have a free upgrade like many cross-generation games, though we'll likely learn more in the near future. It's also worth nothing that presently, THQ Nordic is ruling out Switch and Stadia editions in that same FAQ.