New Biomutant Trailer Highlights Extensive Customization

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Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic released a new Biomutant trailer ahead of the Biomutant release date on May 25, highlighting crafting, upgrades, abilities, and more.

Biomutant revolves around controlling nearly every aspect of your furry warrior, from their original class, to their physical abilities, weapons, supernatural abilities, and more.


Biomutant’s detailed character creator lets you customize everything from intellect to charm.

It influences the usual things, including weapon and skill proficiency, but also what elements your character can resist and how effective they’ll be when bartering.

That’s not the only choice Biomutant throws your way from the start.

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New Biomutant Trailer Highlights Customization, Morality, and More

You’ll also have to choose your aura alignment and which tribes you’ll support.

Light tribes want to preserve the Tree of Life, while dark tribes want to purge the world of weakness by whatever means necessary.


You’ll align with one of the six tribes early on and learn the skills associated with their culture and knowledge.

However, you can also change allegiance later in the game.

Speaking of skills, Biomutant customization extends to the mid- and late game as well.


You’ll add parts to weapons and even outfits to enhance stats or introduce new resistances.

You’ll also mutate your hero to augment their combat and exploration prowess with changes such as sprouting a mushroom to help you reach new heights or the psi ability to hover during combat.

Experiment 101 said all this is meant to help increase the sense of wonder in Biomutant’s massive, 8km by 8km world and encourage you to explore every inch of it.

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