More Battlefield 6 Reveal Trailer Screenshots Have Leaked Online

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We're slowly getting new information about EA's next Battlefield game. After confirming they'll be unveiling it soon with plans for a cross-generation launch - alongside a mobile entry for the first time - Battlefield 6 has been subject to numerous leaks.

Between alleged gameplay details and two screenshots, we've now got... well, more screenshots. This time around, these selection of images are allegedly from Battlefield 6's upcoming reveal trailer.

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More Battlefield 6 Reveal Trailer Screenshots Have Leaked Online

You can find the Twitter thread below, but these initially came from Reddit user Schipunov, who uploaded them to the Battlefield 6 subreddit. Reportedly, those came from a user called hi93048234 on Discord”, but advised they've been confirmed by prominent leaker Tom Henderson.

As you can see, these screens are rather blurry but they do offer a look at a tropical island, a rocket launch and some form of robot dogs. However, Henderson has publicly advised caution around the time these appeared, citing how even announced features don't always make it into the final product. Either way, it shouldn't be too long before we get the full details.

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