"It felt a lot like COD" - JGOD on Battlefield 2042 Beta

As part of the beta testing for Battlefield 2042, James 'JGOD' Godoy was given an early access key. Despite being extremely fair in his assessments, he did not have much good to say about the game. He warned that he preferred Call of Duty to Battlefield, but it appeared that Battlefield did not surpass COD.

It seemed like a lukewarm experience for him throughout the game, from the combat to the maps. But he did have some positive comments about the gameplay. Nevertheless, even the good is a double-edged sword for this game.

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Battlefield 2042 impressions

Battlefield 2042 does not aim to topple Call of Duty by being better. Instead, it aims to bring something new to the experience. From editing your weapon on the fly to adding new beneficial and harmful features to the player.

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For example, smaller magazines reload faster but have fewer rounds, and weapons have less recoil than COD, so it hurts the skill gap but balances aim-assist. Additionally, there were apparently too many vehicles. JGOD talked about seeing three helicopters while he presented a scene that featured two tanks.

There were a lot of things that reminded people of COD. According to JGOD, it's just not as much fun to play. The problem is that it's up against a shooter that has had years to experiment and put itself together.

Battlefield 2042's launch day will determine whether or not it succeeds in what it sets out to do.

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