Is Battlefield 2042 Coming to PS4?

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Battlefield 6 will be the latest game from the renowned titular game franchise since Battlefield V was released in 2018. It is set for a “Holiday 2021” release and might see availability for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, as well as the Windows PC platform.

But fans are also wondering if it will come to the PS4 console since the last two Battlefield games and their expansion packs became available for the now older version of the PS console.

Keep reading and we’ll dig deeper to know if Battlefield 6 will come to PS4.

Is Battlefield 6 Coming to PS4?

As of the moment of the writing, there is still no news whether Battlefield 6 will come to PS4 or not.

The game’s publisher EA is still quiet regarding the speculations that the game could be a PS4 title. Although there are already some leaks that may answer the question.

Known leaker Tom Henderson mentioned that a PS4 release for Battlefield 6 might not happen. But even though this remains a rumour, it could be possible since the game is highly supporting the newer PS5 console.

Battlefield 6 Confirmed Info

Aside from the highly suggested PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC “Holiday 2021” release, there is still no information about the much-anticipated Battelfield 5 sequel.


But we will make sure to update you about the latest news and info about the game in the future, so follow us and we will keep you posted!

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