Battlefield V Fall Update Patch Notes: New Customisation, Elites, Community Games and More

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Battlefield V is getting a "Fall Update", adding more customisation to DICE's multiplayer shooter.

The update lands today on all platforms and adds a huge number of variations to each of the game's multiplayer modes as well as plenty more customisation options.


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Battlefield V Fall Update Contents

Community Games, a feature that allows players to set up their own match types, has gotten a wealth of new elements that can be changed.

These range from damage output, respawn times and match length to banning specific weapons, vehicles or classes.

Players can also opt to turn off the mini-map, regenerative health, and even aim assist.

There are also two new Elite soldiers joining the fray: Jonathan McNiel and Siegfried.

Then there are more customisation additions, too:

  • 113 vehicle skins
  • 69 airplane skins
  • 28 airplane nose decals
  • 25 headgear items
  • 7 facepaints
  • 4 weapon skins

Battlefield V Summer Update Patch Notes

As taken from the game's official patch notes.

The Toolbox

Here’s a breakdown of the new settings that you can now apply to further customise your Community Games experience:  

  • Adjust Bullet Damage - 50% / 100% / 125% / 200%
  • Adjust Ticket Count - 50% / 100 % / 200%
  • Adjust Soldier Respawn Time  - 50% / 100 % / 200%
  • Adjust Vehicle Respawn Time  - 50% / 100 % / 200%
  • Adjust Round Time - 0% / 50% / 100% / 200% / 500%

These options sit alongside, and offer additional tweaks over the original feature set for Community Games:

  • Create and name several game configurations
  • Create and join a Community Game
  • Choose game mode
  • Choose map
  • Choose a maximum number of players (from a predefined list)
  • Choose how many rounds the server should play
  • Choose a password
  • Kick players from server
  • Ban and manage banned players (session only)

In addition, we’ve also added two new functions for Community Games to help you to show and share what your servers all about, and the type of experience that you want players to have when they’re playing on the server:

  • Set custom name for your server
  • Set description for your server

We’ve also worked to incorporate deeper levels of customization to give you a lot more control over the available options for players and the types of Kits, Weapons, Gadgets and Vehicles that they’ll access too when they’re spawning into the server:

Classes (On/Off)
  • Assault
  • Medic
  • Support
  • Recon
Weapons (On/Off)
  • Assault Rifles
  • Semi-Auto Rifles
  • Bolt Action Carbines
  • SMGS
  • LMGS
  • MMGS
  • Shotguns
  • Anti-Materiel Rifles
  • Bolt Action Rifles
  • Pistol Carbines
  • Self Loading Rifles
  • Sidearms
  • Grenades
  • Melee
Gadgets (On/Off)
  • Anti-Vehicle Launcher
  • Anti-Infantry Launcher
  • Ammo Supply
  • Healing Supply
  • Self Heal
  • Hand Grenades
  • Build Tool
  • Reinforcements
Vehicles (On/Off)
  • Air
  • Land
  • Transport
  • Water

Extending beyond these options, we’ve also worked to provide unique toggles that will enable you to change the experience further, and push for more Hardcore settings:

Additional Toggles (On/Off)
  • Aim Assist Auto Rotation
  • Aim Assist Slowdown
  • Compass
  • Friendly Fire
  • Kill Cam
  • Mini-map
  • Reload Whole Mags
  • Regenerative Health
  • Soldier Name Tags
  • Squad Leader Spawn Only
  • Vehicle 3rd Person Camera

If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll find some DICE Authored Game Configs inside the Community Games options that you can quick launch, or tweak for yourself. Be creative, and be sure to share your setups with us!

Fixes, Changes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue that could previously occur in the Practice Range whilst interacting with the weapon selection box.
  • Fixed a configuration issue in Community Games that ensures that the Pre-Round size now does take effect in game on Frontlines.
  • Fixed the Breda M1935 PG to ensure it has the correct ammo count on spawn when fully specialised beyond the third tier.
  • Fixed the Lunge Mine when switching from binoculars so that it no longer triggers the knockdown animation.
  • Fixed the "Loose Part" hairstyle so that it is now available for German Female characters in Your Company.
  • Fixed the Welgun so that it can now be inspected.
  • Fixed a location on Provence where players could get stuck at a specific position inside the Windmill.
  • Fixed a location on Provence where there were two ammo stations, instead of one ammo and one medical station.
  • Fixed the Kampfpistole dog tags so that 'Players Damaged' are now correctly counted.
  • Fixed an issue with airplanes added in the Summer Update to correct their draw distance, and ensure that they could be viewed consistently from the perspective of the other player.
  • Fixed several weapons not having visible bipods or parts in the Practice Range.
  • Fixed the recoil for the 12g Automatic and Model 37 to ensure that they correctly feature reduced recoil when crouched, or prone.
  • Fixed a situation where the K31 could have the improper UI for scope switching when also using the Doppel Schuss.
  • Fixed the High altitude specialization on the P51 so that it now takes on the correct effect.
  • Fixed a localisation issue in the Brazillian versions of Battlefield V so that the PPK shows with the correct information.
  • Fixed a bug where German tanks were not available during pre-round when playing Conquest on Provence.
  • Fixed The Globetrotter achievement. This will update accordingly once you’ve played a round on Twisted Steel.
  • Fixed an issue with the Deadeye Outfit when looking down the Sights.
  • Fixed an issue where Puma AP shells had high explosive blast damage. Their impact damage and velocity have been increased to compensate.
  • Fixed the T34 Calliope description so that it now fits within the UI.
  • Changed the Quickplay options to restore ‘War in the Pacific’ back into the Matchmaking Pools. We have removed 'Rush, Frontlines, and Domination' from the Quickplay options.
  • Changed the Flamethrower spawn on Devastation, Breakthrough, so that it spawns earlier in the round and can be better utilised to have an effect on the outcome of the round.
  • Changed Libya to add collision that ensures players are no longer able to exploit an out of combat area near C on Conquest. This was previously giving Recons too much of an unfair advantage.
  • Changed the Practice Range so that all weapons, gadgets, and grenades are now available. We’ve also ensured that the M1 Garand now has it's grenade launcher automatically available in this area.
  • Changed the Republique set for the UK faction so that it now has the correct Allied colors.
  • Improved Spawn Locations on Provence TDM to ensure that you don't get trapped in between assets.
  • Improved the flow in Community Games so that the owner of a password-protected server is not asked for the password when joining the server.