Battlefield 6 Weapons Will Have Multiple Changeable Attachments

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Battlefield has always been known for its realistic approach and variety.

While games like Call of Duty have given players the ability to choose from a huge number of attachments, Battlefield 6 looks to be emulating that.

According to a well-known leaker, weapons will have an unprecedented amount of customisation in terms of attachments.


Battlefield 6 Weapons Can Have More Than 6 Attachments

A Twitter user named @Elevatorisbest tweeted a question at @_Tom_Henderson_ "how bout gun customization?".

Tom Henderson, formerly a well-known Call of Duty leaker, has been hyping up Battlefield's next title lately.

Not only that but has been revealing some inside information.

In response, Tom said "Last I heard was 6-8 different changeable attachments per weapon. Similar to how CoD has been doing it in recent years."

An unbelievable number of attachments. Cold War is the only FPS that allows for weapons to boast that number of attachments but comes at a sacrifice to the players class.

Having so many attachments could result in some wild combinations and give players the variety and freedom that Call of Duty's gunsmith has.