Battlefield 6 To Be Revealed In June According To New Tease

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UPDATE: Looks as though we'll have to wait a little longer for a full reveal, according to this new tweet.

Sounds as though we'll be hearing more next month.


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Fresh off of being formally announced last month, it appears we're in for a full Battlefield 6 reveal this week.

That's thanks to musical duo 2WEI, who tweeted to suggest their music would be featured in two trailers this week.

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Battlefield 6 To Be Revealed This Week – Report

Check out the tweet below:

Wondering why we're jumping to the conclusion that it's Battlefield? Because some leaked trailer audio appears to feature the artist's 'Run Baby Run' song.

Check out the audio snippet below.


As for when it'll be revealed, that's anyone's guess, but the franchise is expected to return to the modern-day (or at least near-future) for the first time since 2013's Battlefield 4.

In a blog post last month, developer DICE confirmed that the game is in development in tandem with Criterion and DICE Los Angeles - the "biggest Battlefield development team ever".

Wondering what the series is all about? Battlefield V is part of this month's PS Plus lineup – so you can jump in right now.