Battlefield 4 Is Now Free For Amazon Prime Members

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UPDATE: This is working for those in the USA region but it is not available worldwide.

Battlefield 4 on EA Origin is available for free to Amazon Prime members. In terms of attracting players, this is likely to hook them on Battlefield 6, but that seems a little bit small. I wish it was Battlefield 5 at the very least since Battlefield 4 is an older game.

If you have a PC and have yet to play Battlefield 4, it's worth trying out. Even if you already have a copy of Battlefield 4 for console, it's free, and free is always good. A short sign-up to EA Origin and an Amazon Prime account is all that is needed to snag this copy, so go get it!


Want more info on the free battlefield 4 for Amazon Prime members?

Since this is still EA, it is the standard edition. Typically, when Epic Games, PlayStation, and Microsoft give away older games, it's the largest or ultimate edition. We have EA here counting pennies and giving out the basic version of a game that is eight years old and has two sequels. However, we should be grateful for EA's efforts, but that is something we should expect as a string attached.

Last month, PS Plus gave away Battlefield 5 for free. While that was the standard edition as well, Battlefield V is the latest title in the series. Just for the chuckle, I would be happy if Microsoft or Epic Games released Battlefield 1 for free next month.

It normally costs $19.99, but it will remain free until June 20, 2021. Click here to claim your free copy.


Is there any news from Battlefield 6 out of this?

Battlefield 6 will officially be announced on June 9, 2021, as was announced this week. There's a good chance that the very first trailer for the game will be shown on that day, but it could also be the trailer that recently leaked online.

The long wait for any concrete information has resulted in frustration for Battlefield fans, and the platform announcements have been mixed. Originally, Battlefield 6 was supposed to be a true next-gen experience. A little while later, it announced that the game would also be released on last-gen consoles, so it really won't be next-gen. It is good news for those who still can't get their hands on a PS5 or Xbox One S.


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