Battlefield 2042 Won't Have a Battle Royale Mode

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Will we see Battlefield 2042 battle royale?

Probably not, DICE said during Battlefield 2042 previews, but that doesn’t mean it’s a full no.

It does coincide with DICE’s overall approach to the game, though.

Battlefield 2042 is focused entirely on the multiplayer mode.

There’s no single-player campaign and, for the time being, no plans on adding other modes.

Multiplayer mode itself does have a few additional offerings.

In addition to All-Out Warfare, Battlefield 2042 includes Conquest and Breakthrough multiplayer modes, along with the squad-based Hazard mode.

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Battlefield 2042 Won't Have a Battle Royale Mode

There’s more on the way as well.

DICE promised a “third pillar” of the game to be revealed during EA’s E3 2021 showcase.

Don’t get your hopes up for Battlefield 2042 battle royale though.


While there’s a slight chance DICE’s denial of a battle royale mode could just be PR speak, it’s more likely modes that aren’t already part of the multiplayer plan will be put off until later updates, if they arrive at all.

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