EA Outlines Plans for Battlefield 2042 Alpha Test, Early Access Open Beta

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Will there be a Battlefield 2042 alpha or Battlefield 2042 beta?

Yes on both counts, though the alpha probably isn’t what you’re thinking.

The Battlefield 2042 alpha takes place in July, but it isn’t really an alpha — not in the usual sense, at least.

A handful of the series’ “veteran players” will receive email invitations from DICE to take part on a closed test scenario with a grey box build of the game.

There’s no way to sign up for the Battlefield 2042 alpha, so if you consider yourself a longtime series fan, you’ll just need to keep an eye on your inbox.

A grey box environment is where testers have limited knowledge of what to expect and what their actions should produce.

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EA Outlines Plans for Battlefield 2042 Alpha Test, Early Access Beta

All Battlefield 2042 alpha participants will be under NDA, though leaks are likely inevitable anyway.

The Battlefield 2042 beta is open to everyone on all platforms.

There’s no set time for the Battlefield 2042 beta yet. EA just said it will happen “in the months leading up to launch.”

Those who pre-order any version of Battlefield 2042 will get early access to the beta.


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[Source: EA]

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