Battlefield Mobile Maps, Weapons, and Game Modes Uncovered in Data Mine

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Battlefield Mobile was announced a while back and we’ve finally gotten some decent information on the game thanks to Gameplay Videos making their way to the internet, due to Southeast Asia getting to try it early, which has led to data mines revealing new Battlefield Mobile Maps, Weapons, and Game Modes.

While there have been some random tidbits of the spin-off here and there, the data mine revealing Battlefield Mobile Maps, Weapons, and Game Modes are some of the most concrete pieces of content fans have seen from the game thus far, which should result in more excitement from mobile gamers.


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Battlefield Mobile Maps, Weapons, and Game Modes Uncovered in Data Mine

Veteran Battlefield data miner Temporyal uncovered the new Battlefield Mobile Maps and Game Modes, confirming that some of the areas coming to Battlefield Mobile come from classic entries in the series.

According to Temporyal’s data mine, the Battlefield Mobile Maps are Operation Metro and Damavand Peak, so anyone nostalgic for older Battlefield games might find some comfort in this mobile spin-off.

The Battlefield Mobile Game Modes that were uncovered are Rush and Frontline, which are pretty vague so we’ll have to wait for more details on those in the future.

Here’s the full list of Battlefield Mobile Weapons that were discovered in the data mine:


Assault Rifles

  • AUG A3
  • F2000
  • M16A4
  • QBZ-95-1
  • SCAR-H
  • G36C
  • MTAR-21


  • CZ-75
  • M1911
  • M9
  • P226


  • LSAT
  • MG4
  • PKP
  • QBB-95-1
  • U-100


  • CZ-3A1
  • P90
  • PP2000
  • UMP45

Sniper Rifle

  • 338 Recon
  • CS-LR4
  • Scout Elite
  • SKS
  • SR338


  • SPAS12


  • M9 Bayonet


  • Ammo Crate
  • AT Mine
  • C4
  • Claymore
  • Health Crate
  • Repair Drone
  • Spotting Drone
  • Ammo Pack
  • Health Pack


  • M84 Flashbang
  • MK2 Grenade


  • SMAW
  • FIM92A

No release date for Battlefield Mobile has been announced, though a 2022 release window was confirmed.


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