Battlefield Mobile Release Date: Leaks, Alpha Playtest, and more

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The words 'Battlefield Mobile' on a flaming background.
Credit: EA

Battlefield Mobile was first revealed on the Google Play Store listing in early September, and there's been a slow rollout of information since then. Here's everything we know about Battlefield Mobile, including leaks, preview testing, and release information.

Battlefield Mobile Alpha Playtests

How do you get your hands on Battlefield Mobile? Well, for the moment it's pretty tough. At the moment, only small playtests are available in Indonesia and the Philippines, and even they are limited in scope. Don't get your hopes up, but you can pre-register on the Google Play Store page for your country to be in with a chance of getting on Battlefield Mobile.


Will Battlefield Mobile be free-to-play?

Battlefield Mobile will be free-to-play. The game will be monetised through a Battle Pass system, with unique cosmetic items, along with individual purchases.

Is Battlefield Mobile on Android or iPhone?

Currently, you can only play Battlefield Mobile on Android 7.0 or above. However, as we get closer to the game's launch date, we expect this to expand and iOS devices will definitely be a strong choice.


Does Battlefield Mobile have Crossplay?

Since Battlefield Mobile is a standalone title outside of other entries in the series like Battlefield V or Battlefield 2042, you won't be able to crossplay with other platforms aside from fellow mobile users.

Battlefield Mobile leaks

We've seen Battlefield Mobile gameplay leaks come out from the preview already, thanks to recordings from selected pre-registered players in South-East Asia. Sure it looks slightly janky, but it's a mobile game in Alpha and looks really impressive for what it is. We'll keep you updated on any more leaks and footage that comes out!


Who is making Battlefield Mobile?

Battlefield Mobile is being made by a studio named Industrial Toys. You might not have heard of it, but it's led by Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian and is dedicated to mobile gaming, so hopefully it'll be worth a look even for people more excited about Battlefield 2042 than its mobile counterpart.

Which maps are in Battlefield Mobile?

Temporyal recently data mined the current version of Battlefield Mobile, uncovering two maps that could end up in the final release:

  • Operation Metro
  • Damavand Peak
  • Grand Bazaar

Which game modes are in Battlefield Mobile?

Along with the game's Conquest Mode, data miner Temporyal also uncovered two more modes that might end up in the final game:

  • Conquest Mode
  • Rush
  • Frontline

Keep an eye out for more Battlefield Mobile information in the run-up to launch and more alpha and beta playtests! In the meantime, why not have a look at all the Battlefield 2042 beta information, or check out all the Battlefield 2042 guns you'll be able to use?