WATCH: xQc Gets Sucked Into A Tornado In Battlefield 2042

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The mighty tornado is one of the coolest additions to Battlefield 2042. Numerous streamers have stated that they have seen or fought around them. Normally, it's wise not to get hooked in, but Félix 'xQc' Lengyel is the type of streamer that likes to see what happens when he does the unadvised.

Rather than wait on the ground or inside a building, xQc climbed on top of a roof to see the tornado up close. He studied his map and found that it accurately depicted the size of the monstrous tornado. xQc jumped off of the roof and used his parachute to get close—too close.


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Battlefield 2042 tornado

To see what would happen, xQc jumped towards the tornado and pulled his parachute. The current then picked him up and tossed him around in circles over and over. People even shot at him at one point, forcing him to pull out his weapon. However, what good would that do?


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I love how the HUD reacts to being within a tornado. It flickers as the tornado draws players closer. At the end, even the screen gets darker, and it's impossible to see anything.

Even if nothing else, it was a smart choice to add a tornado to Battlefield 2042. Those who came up with that idea deserve credit for adding a unique dimension to shooters. Tornadoes make for one of the most interesting backdrops for a shootout, and they are an unusual way to die.