Battlefield 2042 Update 4: Release Date, Patch Notes, Size

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Battlefield 2042 might be a bit better now and modes like Hazard Zone have been fun to play, but there’s clearly a lot of fixing that needs to be made, with players hoping that Battlefield 2042 Update 4 ends up making the shooter a lot better than it currently is.

It wasn’t that long ago when Battlefield 2042 Update 3 was released but if EA and Ripple Effect continue to follow the current schedule of updates, there’s a good chance that Battlefield 2042 Update 4 will be coming out sometime this week.

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Battlefield 2042 Update 4: Everything You Need to Know

EA and Ripple Effect usually release patch notes on Battlefield 2042 a day before it comes out, so until that comes out, here’s what we know about Battlefield 2042 Update 4 and what fans want from it. You can check out all the latest info, especially from update 3.1, on our Battlefield 2042 patch notes page.

Battlefield 2042 Update 4 Release Date

If EA and Ripple Effect follows their current schedule of Battlefield 2042 updates, there is a very good chance that Battlefield 2042 Update will be coming out on December 9 when everything is said and done.

Considering how consistent the developers have been for the past few weeks, don’t be surprised if we do get Battlefield 2042 Update 4 on December 9, unless something major happens.

What Fans Want From Battlefield 2042 Update 4

Admittedly, each Battlefield 2042 Update won’t fix every problem that players face, but that doesn’t mean we can’t address what they want when Battlefield 2042 Update 4 comes out.

Fixed Hit Registration

Unfortunately, some guns just don’t work properly, as this Reddit post shows, so here’s hoping that Battlefield 2042 Update 4 fixes this problem since there’s nothing worse than a shooter that doesn’t let you shoot.

Better Map Design

Many fans have been complaining about the maps in Battlefield 2042 and how tiny they feel, especially when there are 128 players involved, so while we don’t expect any revolutionary new maps in Battlefield 2042 Update 4, they could always start work on better ones there.

Patch Notes

Once the patch notes are fully available, we'll show you them in full on our dedicated Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes page, too!


Battlefield 2042 is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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