Battlefield 2042 Update #3 Is Out Now

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BBattlefield 2042 has had a somewhat tumultuous launch, as evidenced by our review of the game and the difficult community response. However, the team over at 343 Industries look like they're working hard to fix these issues, as evidenced by the hundreds of changes and fixes coming to Update #3.

What's actually changing? Well, we have the full list of tweaks on our Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes page, but here's a quick breakdown of the main changes to look out for.


Gameplay Changes

Bugs are being fixed. That's right, we're going to see over 150 individual changes both big and small. From audio issues to hit detection and visual problems, we're seeing a huge chunk of changes. That's not all though!

Gameplay-wise, we're most excited about the various balance changes coming to Battlefield 2042. It should start making things a bit more even on the field, with slight nerfs to Sundance's cluster grenade and buffs to Navin Rao's Cyber Warfare Suite. Whether that'll massively alter our Specialists tier list remains to be seen, but it's nice to see so many changes happening in the game.

Other Changes

That's far from it - Update #3 offers a bunch more stuff too, including a new tool for the Battlefield Portal Logic Editor that checks the source of a kill on a player, as well as three weekly missions coming into Battlefield 2042 each week, offering XP and a cosmetic reward for completing them.


Remember, check out the DICE blog post to get the full details, but that's it from us for now on Battlefield 2042 Update #3. Now you're up to date on all that, take a gander at our newly-updated Battlefield 2042 best guns tier list to help you improve!