Battlefield 2042's Development Has Been "Troubled", Insider Claims

Battlefield 2042 gave players a chance to enter its futuristic warzone through an open beta last weekend. While many were impressed by the shooter, others experienced a slew of glitches and performance issues.

A new rumour has now emerged, possibly shedding light on these problems. While DICE previously confirmed Battlefield 2042's beta is several months old, GamingIntel states that could be allegedly due to a "troubled" three-year development cycle.

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Battlefield 2042's Development Has Been "Troubled", Insider Claims

According to a supposed contact at DICE, 2042's development struggles reportedly stem from the studio's management. Reportedly, these higher-ups are not as committed to 2042, problems are being immediately being refuted and personnel are expecting lay-offs.

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

2042's creative direction allegedly follows 2019's Modern Warfare, rather than establish a unique identity. That's resulted in including operators, battle passes, and specialist systems, drastically shifting from Battlefield's accustomed class features. Various Call of Duty creators were invited to a Battlefield closed beta event, while writer Tom Henderson deems this an "identity crisis" for 2042.

As for the beta, EA confirmed the trial was from an earlier build. However, this report questions that claim, stating the beta's build settings including an establishment date of September 20th, 2021. While it doesn't imply the beta build was developed up until then, GamingIntel states no trial changes were made despite its delay. That resulted in removing certain features, with players voicing their unhappiness.

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Henderson also claims that the multiplayer currently has issues; a reason for why gameplay footage released by DICE has been scarce:

This seemingly matches up with what I’ve heard for months, that DICE is having major stability issues with builds of the game. It’s one of the major reasons that up until the Beta, DICE has been quiet on releasing new footage of the game. Not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t.
This was one of the major reasons why EA didn’t show off Battlefield 2042 gameplay at Gamescom.

Of course, considering this source is reportedly a singular person, these claims aren't confirmed, but there's no denying that the recent beta had issues. Hopefully, these problems can be resolved leading up to Battlefield 2042's release next month.

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