TimTheTatman, xQc, And More Streamers' Best Battlefield 2042 Glitches

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Every Beta has its issues, and Battlefield 2042 is no different. The good news is that some glitches are more entertaining to watch than others, and adding streamers only enhances the entertainment. Timothy' TimTheTatman' Betar, Félix' xQc' Lengyel, and even Charlie' Moist Cr1TiKal' White Jr had some of the best reactions to the issues they encountered

IGN made a video that highlights all of the times streamers glitched and just went with it. They range from Herschel 'Dr DisRespect' Beahm IV riding an elevator through a building to Sebastian' Forsen' Hans Eli Fors discovering an infinite reload glitch.

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Battlefield 2042 glitches

The video below features seven hilarious moments from these streamers. It's amazing how composed they all remained despite what they're going through. Moist Cr1TiKal even made light of one, saying, "Is this where God lives?" when he was sent to what looks like heaven but is actually just an out of bounds zone off the map.

Here's the video:

Most Cr1TiKal's was my favorite, but seeing xQc struggle to leave a helicopter was hilarious. IGN really hit the mark with this one.

Battlefield 2042 is getting plenty of attention lately, whether its from the notorious tornado or even our own James Law, who went hands-on with the beta and liked what he saw. We're expecting a huge launch for this game, despite the issues. If anyone can dethrone Call of Duty, even if just for a few months, it's Battlefield.

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