Best SWS-10 Loadout for Battlefield 2042

The best SWS-10 loadout in Battlefield 2042 is here. We've put together all the information you need for running the sniper rifle in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 is finally out, and with it comes all manner of new and fancy maps, game modes, and weapons. We've even put together a guide explaining the best guns in Battlefield 2042 if you haven't decided what to use yet. For now though, here's how to load out your sniper rifle in Battlefield 2042.

Best SWS-10 Loadout

The SWS-10 is a simple sniper rifle. No more, no less. It's pretty powerful at the moment, and despite the intense sniper glint, you can get used to the bullet drop and shock enemies with a one-shot from miles away.

Here's the best loadout to maximise your range and power with the SWS-20 sniper rifle.

SWS-10 Attachments

Here's which attachments are best on the SWS-10 right now:

  • Muzzle: ARCOM Tactical Muzzle Brake
  • Scope: Raven 4x
  • Ammunition: Standard Issue
  • Mount: Cobra Grip

There are a few ways to kit out the SWS-10, and we've gone for the options that give you the best chance of hitting those shots at the longest range whilst still offering the chance for a quickscope on advancing foes. That's why we've picked the Raven 4x scope ahead of the 6x, although you can switch it if you really need that extra magnification - make sure you put a variety of scopes on your Plus Menu.

The Cobra Grip helps you stay on target when aiming longer distances too, and with the ARCOM Tactical Muzzle Brake, you'll be much better at hitting shots from longer ranges. Some players will prefer to use the suppressor as their muzzle attachment, but we've found silencing in Conquest to be a much less necessary addition to a sniper in the chaos of battle.

Finally, we're sticking with the default Standard Issue ammunition. The other option is for closer range encounters, and whilst it offers you a higher magazine capacity, its power just isn't up to scratch in comparison.

SWS-10 Secondary, Throwable, and Gadget

  • Secondary: M44
  • Throwable: Proximity Sensor
  • Gadget: Recoilless M5

The M44 can be used as a close- and mid-range powerhouse. With this bad boy, you can go toe-to-toe with primary weapons, provided you actually hit your shots. The Proximity Sensor is tough to figure out, but once you have it down you'll be able to figure out when an enemy is getting close to your position - vital when you're using any specialist other than the recon.

Finally, it's really nice to have some kind of big explosive in your kit. Make the enemy go boom. The Recoilless M5 is just that, a rocket launcher you can free-fire at infantry, tanks, and even aircraft if you're super-accurate.

SWS-10 Stat Improvement

The SWS-10's base stats are:

  • Firepower: 85
  • Accuracy: 70
  • Range: 70
  • Handling: 36

After you've added the attachments we've suggested, your gun's stats change to this:

  • Firepower: 85
  • Accuracy: 77
  • Range: 77
  • Handling: 31

We do like a bit of extra range in the morning. At the cost of a handling penalty, we've cranked up the range and accuracy values of the sniper rifle, giving you the best possible chance of hitting those shots from miles away.

That's all we have for the best SWS-10 loadout in Battlefield 2042! If you're curious and want to test out a different gun, we have plenty though. How about the best K30 loadout for a speedy SMG instead, or an old reliable AR with the best M5A3 loadout?

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