Battlefield 2042 Emma “Sundance” Rosier Guide - Abilities, Tips, and Loadout

Emma “Sundance” Rosier has been all over the Battlefield 2042 marketing, as the character has been seen using their Wingsuit like Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, making them one of the more interesting Specialists players can use in the shooter.

We’re expecting a lot of players to use Emma “Sundance” Rosier in Battlefield 2042 because that Wingsuit is cool as hell and it should be used for some fun exploration throughout these huge levels.

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Sundance Abilities and Gadgets

Assuming players haven’t crashed on buildings yet, Sundance should be used as a high-flyer who delivers death from above with their Wingsuit, though players will also have to get used to using them on the ground.

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Speciality - Smart Explosives

Whether Sundance is in the air or shooting fools in the ground, players will want to use their Smart Explosives to gain some crowd control.

The Scatter Grenades are great for taking out multiple foes, while the Micro Drones can be used to send Grenades to flying foes and vehicles like helicopters, making Sundance a true force to be reckoned with.

Wingsuit Operator

Unsurprisingly, players will be using Sundance’s WIngsuit a lot if they want to go through the area and take out foes, especially if they’re high up or are too far to chase on foot.

Don’t be too shocked if you see a lot of Sundance players early on, since they will want to mess about with that Wingsuit, though that might also make them easy targets if not played carefully.

Sundance Specialist Tips

Being a Wingsuit user, Battlefield 2042 will want to use Sundance as someone who can fly around the area and take out foes with Smart Explosives from above.

Battlefield 2042's Emma Sundance Rosier sips wine and looks behind as soldiers point guns at them.
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Credit: EA

Sundance can be used to fly through windows, chase various soldiers, and kill them quickly with grenades, so make sure to have some health packs since Sundance isn’t the most sturdy Specialist in the game.

Sundance Loadout Idea

Using Sundance means getting in, shooting everyone, and then getting out, so make sure you have strong weapons equipped, in addition to those Smart Explosives that will make life hell for a lot of players.

Having an SMG like the PBX-45 or the AK-24 to take out enemies from afar is key with Sundance since it won’t be long before you’re in the air again dropping bombs from above.

Battlefield 2042 is coming to the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on November 19.

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