EA Sends Fans Battlefield 2042 Surveys After Open Beta

The Battlefield 2042 open beta has been a mixed bag for some, providing fun gameplay and gorgeous graphics while also, but also missing features that fans have enjoyed from the other games, which is probably why EA has sent Battlefield 2042 surveys to those that got to play the open beta.

Whether EA has been keeping tabs on the community and sees the Battlefield 2042 open beta disappointed some, or just wanted honest player feedback, the Battlefield 2042 surveys are now a talking point for Reddit users, for better or worse.

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EA Sends Fans Battlefield 2042 Surveys After Open Beta

On Reddit, the users who received these Battlefield 2042 surveys claim that the details inside differentiate, with some players being asked about the problems differentiating allies from foes while others have been asked about Specialists like Casper. It looks like a pretty comprehensive survey, so definitely fill it out if you can.

Not every fan got a Battlefield 2042 survey from EA, though some say it might be in their spam email. It looks like EA are randomly asking a sample of players of the beta, so fans shouldn’t be too disappointed if they aren’t getting a survey.

Hopefully, these Battlefield 2042 surveys, along with other feedback from the open beta, helps EA and Ripple Effect improve the game before its release next month.

We don’t think fans should worry about the game’s quality yet since the beta was months old but that doesn’t mean we can’t hope Battlefield 2042 is a good game on release.

Battlefield 2042 will be coming to the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on November 19.

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