New Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Drops, and it's Snowing

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Brand new footage of Battlefield 2042's maps has been unveiled today. We've seen the Renewal, Breakaway, and Discarded maps in the gameplay video, showing vast landscapes with potential for absolutely ridiculous action.

All we'd seen before of the maps was some still images, so fans are excited to see the areas live and breathe (and specialists die and not breathe).

Here's the video if you haven't seen it just yet.

They're looking pretty sleek! Here's what to expect from each of the maps.


A wingsuit-wearing specialist flies over Battlefield 2042 map Renewal.
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Credit: EA

This map is based in the Eastern Desert, Egypt. It's a hot environment, but with swampy areas to avoid the place looking too one-note. It looks enormous, from glass rooftops to arid plains, there'll be plenty to discover in Renewal.


A plane shoots flares while flying above the Battlefield 2042 map Breakaway.
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Credit: EA

The one we're most excited about: Breakaway. It's in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, with gorgeous views across snowy mountains and shadows cast by technology and machinery. It looks like there'll be plenty of verticality on this map, with room for flying around and flanking when possible too.


Cranes work on Battlefield 2042 map Discarded.
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Credit: EA

No, the map isn't being discarded. Discarded is a map situated in Alang, India, and looks like a really nice place to be. Obviously not when there's war and death going on, but you know, in general. There'll be plenty of buildings, open spaces, and closed spaces for you to fight it out in too.

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