Battlefield 2042 Specialist Navin Rao Guide - Abilities, Tips, and Loadout

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Battlefield 2042 offers an expansive list of Specialists and it can be difficult to master the qualities of each member. Fitting with the cyber warfare tone of 2042, Navin Rao is one of the most astute operators.

Intelligent and inventive, Navin Rao studied electronics and engineering in India, all the while recovering from a life-threatening illness. Lending his skills to the Indian Armed Forces, followed by the Navy-Marine Commando Unit (MARCOS), Rao was later exiled after the failure of a mission that caused heavy casualties. The Non-Pat soldier has supreme hacking skills, making him an exceptional candidate in surviving this deadly, virtual world.


Here's how to make the most out of the programmer.

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Navin Rao Abilities and Gadgets

Rao's skillset lies around hacking enemy equipment and vehicles to help your squad push further.

Navin Rao details showing his Place of birth: India, Class: Recon, Specialty: Cyber Warfare Suite, and Trait: Trojan Network.
Credit: EA

Speciality - Cyber Warfare Suite

As Navin Rao, you can pretty much hack anything. From vehicles to drones and even scrambling base systems, the battlefield is Rao's cyber playground. As long as they are interactable and within a specific range, the engineer can work his magic.

Trait - Trojan Network

This trait allows Rao to hack an opponent. and if you kill that specific person, you can reveal surrounding enemies. This is especially useful as you can tap into anyone on the battlefield, no matter how distant they may be. Once eliminated, enemies will be revealed on your mini-map, as well as your team's.


Navin Rao Specialist Tips

When playing as Rao your primary aim is to diffuse any technology on the other end. You'd want to stick to your squad rather than be a lone wolf, so they can cover you when attempting to hack enemy equipment. So it's important to maintain your composure when confronting close-quarters, intensive situations.

Navin Rao is hacking an ATM and gives the money to kids in a run-down area.
Credit: EA
Navin Rao helping refugees during his time in MARCOS.

On the other hand, you can also take a more distant approach. Through Rao's trojan network, you can hack anyone and eliminate them from afar. So you could snipe opponents at a distance, which would then reveal surrounding enemy markers on the mini-map. This intel would help not only you as you can find enclosing foes and eliminate more people, but it would also help your team as they press objective markers and pin down adversary choke points.


Navin Rao Specialist Loadout Idea

If you're heading into the heart of the battle, we'd recommend coupling Rao with an SMG. It doesn't need to be anything fancy; the PBX-45 would work really well. The cute but deadly beast has a high-fire rate, allowing you to take out anyone that crosses your path. Try and attach the Standard Issue ammunition to boost your hits.

But if you're watching the war unfold and prefer sniping your enemies, the SWS-10 is straight to the point. Deadly and patient, the sharpshooting gun works well with the Raven 6x - this will extend your aim distance by a much longer range.

Two soldiers behind a wall getting shot at by enemies on the left.
Credit: EA

Navin Rao is a cyber genius and has loads of secrets yet to be discovered. So keep an eye on this page as we'll keep adding more tips and tricks! Sundance is another cool Specialist and even has a nice wingsuit. Make the most out of the operator through our Battlefield 2042 Emma “Sundance” Rosier Guide.