Battlefield 2042 Specialist Maria Falck Guide - Abilities, Tips, and Loadout

Battlefield 2042 is chock full of Specialists, each with their own skillsets and qualities. Maria Falck is probably the most supportive operator out of all of the Specialists.

Falck is a skilled medic who toured North Africa and the Middle East during her 6 years stint in the German Army. Determined to make the world a better place, she has a personal goal of finding her lost son. Given Falck's experience in medicine, she's definitely one of the soldiers you'll want by your side as you traverse into danger.

Here's how to make the most out of the medic.

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Maria Falck Abilities and Gadgets

Maria Falck's skillset is fixed around helping fellow teammates.

Maria Falck details showing: her place of birth, Germany; class, support; specialty, s21 syrette pistol; and trait, combat surgeon.
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Credit: EA

Speciality - S21 Syrette PIstol

Useful in both support and combat, the S21 Syrette Pistol can shoot a healing syringe at teammates to restore a significant amount of their health. You can also use the dart on yourself boosting your health. But, firing the syringe at opponents will chop off a chunk of theirs, useful in tight situations.

Trait - Combat Surgeon

When your teammate is down, you can heal them and return them to the battlefield with full HP. This eliminates the need for them to regenerate their health after being brought back, making this ability favourable in the heat of warfare.

Another look at Maria as she holds a gun wearing all khaki gear.
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Maria Falck Specialist Tips

Falck will be one of your team's biggest supporters when approaching enemy choke points in Conquest and Breakthrough. In tight, combat situations, you'll need to be on the lookout for fallen soldiers or anyone under fire. Keep your trigger finger close to the S21 Syrette Pistol while in the midst of battle, because you're going to use it more than once.

Maria Balck holding a child in the war-torn universe of 2042.
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As tempting as it may be, try and reframe from using the Combat Surgeon trait in open spaces and environments. Given the time it takes to heal teammates, you may be more vulnerable to enemy gunfire. Wait till you are safe and covered before healing comrades.

Maria Falck Specialist Loadout Idea

With more teammates, you'll have more enemies. And because of this, Falck will be in the heat of battle. We recommend the use of a close-quarters weapon, like the PBX-45. The SMG is fast and deadly, allowing you to take out enemies and quickly heal teammates before commencing your assault.

The K30 also supplies a powerful rate of fire, which will be paramount in your quest to fend off foes. Steady and mobile, the gun's swift mobility is matched by Falck's call to assist fallen friends.

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Credit: EA

Maria Falck's mindset is focused on helping your team. Sure to be a fan-favourite member in DICE's cyberwarfare, we'll keep adding more tricks and tips to this page. In the meantime, why not check out our breakdown of Battlefield 2042's maps and locations?

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