Battlefield 2042 Specialist Mackay Guide - Abilities, Tips, and Loadout

Battlefield 2042's Webster Mackay smirks at the camera.
Credit: EA

Battlefield 2042's Webster Mackay smirks at the camera.
Credit: EA

Webster Mackay is a bit of a Spider-Man fella. A Canadian assault fighter who joined the military in his teens like his father before him. He's an aggressive soldier with a great deal of potential to dominate the game through all the Battlefield 2042 maps, particularly ones with a bit more verticality.

An 'ass-kicker with a conscience', according to his profile, Mackay fights for the No-Pats to try to fix a regret he's carried with him since he was in the army.

Webster Mackay Abilities and Gadgets

Mackay's skills are all about mobility and movement.

Webster Mackay's information. Place of Birth: Canada, Class: Assault, Speciality: Grappling Hook, Trait: Nimble.
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Credit: EA

Speciality - Grappling Hook

Mackay's main gadget that gives him an advantage and puts him up there with the best Battlefield 2042 specialists is his Grappling Hook. To use it, just equip it with the d-pad and fire it at a solid surface.

If you can't latch on to something, Mackay will take a couple of seconds to reload the hook, so you'll want to work on your accuracy a bit. If you hit a target, you'll zoom towards it and then have to wait for the ability to cool down again.

Trait - Nimble

Mackay's passive trait is Nimble. This allows him to move faster while aiming down sights, allowing for a great advantage in close-quarters situations.

Webster Mackay Specialist Tips

Along with picking a loadout that works with Mackay's kit (see below), you should always look to seek the high ground when using this specialist. It's easy to find with Mackay, and with your Grappling Hook, you'll be able to get to areas of the map other operators can only dream of.

Webster Mackay swings on his grappling hook to rescue a civilian.
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Credit: EA

Using the Nimble trait requires you to get into close range with your enemies and out-strafe them. They won't be able to get that many hits on you with your excellent movement ability while aiming, so it should put you at an advantage when gunning a baddie down. It's sometimes worth using the Grappling Hook to close distance (even hooking the enemy themself) and finishing them off with some strong close-range play.

Webster Mackay Specialist Loadout idea

Mackay is a fast, nimble specialist. For this reason, it might be prudent to select an SMG class you can go all-out at close range with. We like the K30 for its ridiculous rate of fire, but the PBX-45 won't hurt you either.

A Battlefield specialist wields a defibrillator.
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Credit: EA

Of course, depending on your squadmates' weapons or your strategy, you might fancy something a bit longer-ranged too! Maybe an LCMG would be best if you're getting up high and raining death everywhere!

That's all for our Webster Mackay guide! Don't worry though, we'll have much more as time goes on, and will be updating this page with plenty more Mackay-specific information, along with whatever unlocks and cosmetics come out for him too. Also, why not take a look at our tips on how to use Boris in Battlefield 2042?

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