What is the Battlefield 2042 Level Cap?

Battlefield 2042 might have had a problematic launch period, with errors that force players to try and log in again tomorrow, but it’s proven to be a fun romp for many gamers that are optimistic about its future, as they still want to reach the Battlefield 2042 Level Cap.

This isn’t too surprising since plenty of live-service games give fans levels so they have goals to aspire to and prizes to win, which is why many are hoping to reach the max Battlefield 2042 Level Cap, with a few curious games wondering what the Level Cap is.

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What is the Battlefield 2042 Level Cap?

Currently, the Level Cap in Battlefield 2042 is 99.

After this though, you can start working through S-ranks. S-Level players will have the seemingly daunting task of reaching S999, though that doesn’t really reward gamers with anything aside from higher numbers on your profile.

Naturally, players will want to reach the Battlefield 2042 Level Cap by completing various challenges or by simply playing the game, but there’s a decent amount of things to play for if you’re having a good time with the shooter.

We don’t expect every player to max out the Battlefield 2042 Level Cap since it can be a daunting task and some gamers just want to shoot soldiers with their friends. It'll be interesting to see how many actually reach 99 or S999.

Since Battlefield 2042 is using a live-service model, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Level Cap was changed in the near future, especially since players will want more things to unlock.

Battlefield 2042 is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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