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Is Battlefield 2042 Safe For Kids To Play?

EA is about to release Battlefield 2042 another first-person shooter title this coming October which is based on a near-future military warfare setting. However, will this title be okay for young children to play? Will Battlefield 2042 be a child friendly title? Lets find out.

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Product Not Yet Rated

As seen on the Battlefield 2042 store page for the PS5, the game’s Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating is still Rating Pending. We’ve yet to know if the game can be recommended for the younger audiences.

The previous entry, Battlefield V, had a Mature rating due to having heavy World War 2 themes on its gameplay and story mode. Meanwhile, Battlefield 2042’s spiritual ancestor, Battlefield 2142, had a Teen rating which lets some of the younger audiences play but not for small children.

Up until the official ESRB rating gets released, it’s not possible to recommend the game to kids.

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Focuses On Political Strife And War


As seen on the official Battlefield 2042 promotional material, the game’s setting is in the near future 2042 where successive natural and economical calamities have battered world governments. Due to the rising crises stacking one after the other, some governments abandoned some of their citizens who then became people who don’t belong to any country.

During this global turmoil in 2042, many countries have seized the opportunity to wrest control for more territory and power due to the rise of this “New Normal” of situation. Some governments have called for repatriation but their former citizens now show distrust to them. Lastly, the new situation also sprouts armed conflict through the globe between major powers to take more control of the world.

Looking from the lore, Battlefield 2042 shows mature themes of warfare and political struggle. These concepts may be too early for children to take in.

Try Something Else

When recommending competitive titles that requires aiming and shooting at enemy teams, EA still has a few titles that could do that for children. Currently, Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is a popular title for younger audiences. However, this title has a Teen rating which make it unsuitable for extremely young children.

However, EA still has two more titles which have an 'Everyone' rating and involves hitting enemy targets from a far to secure victory. The Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare series has a sunny and friendly look which also involves two opposing teams taking objectives from each other. Lastly, EA also has Knockout City which features a fantastic spin on a game of Dodgeball. Both games still require the players to have a decent aim to take out foes and take the victory for themselves. But they're both certainly more child friendly than what EA Dice are cooking up with Battlefield 2042.

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