Is Battlefield 2042 Connected To Battlefield 2142?

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As seen in the trailer, EA is taking the series into the future with Battlefield 2042. However, the future warfare concept has been done before in the Battlefield series. Will Battlefield 2042 be a remake?

Is It Battlefield 2142 again?

In between of Battlefield 2 and Battlefield Bad Company, the series went into the future with Battlefield 2142. The game featured futuristic vehicles and weaponry as players fought over territory for their team.


The game’s concept was futuristic and adding something new to the series. Many fans liked the entry and had decent reviews as seen on its 80 Metascore on Metacritic. In Battlefield 2042, EA is taking another shot with this concept again.

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Remake Of The Old?

As of now, Battlefield 2042 is not confirmed to be a remake of Battlefield 2142. The official Battlefield 2042 also featured futuristic weapons, gadgetry, and vehicles that had designs not yet seen in contemporary military equipment and modern firearms.

Additionally, the Battlefield 2042 is set a century earlier than its predecessor. The new game is set in a near future where governments are restabilizing after consecutive major crises and major political powers have the opportunity to take new territory and resources.

Meanwhile, the story of Battlefield 2142 is similar as world governments are trying to secure resources for its people after a major crisis hit them. However, the forces in this game are split between the European Union and the Pan Asian Coalition. Battlefield 2042’s major players in their conflict are currently the United States of America and Russia.

More Details Soon


EA has announced that more Battlefield 2042 details will be revealed this July 22. So far, information about the title’s game modes have been confirmed for this announcement.

Potentially, the announcement could also acknowledge the Battlefield 2142 nods on the Battlefield 2042 reveal. For now, we’ll have to wait until the reveal

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