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Is Battlefield 2042 A Battle Royale?

EA has recently announced the release of Battlefield 2042 this coming October. Many fans are expecting to find a battle royale mode for this title. Will Battlefield 2042 be a battle royale too?

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Not On Release

According to EA themselves, Battlefield 2042 would not have battle royale mode on release. However, the popularity of the Battle Royale genre for many first-person shooter titles makes every company open to adding this feature in the game.

At best, fans will not see a battle royale mode and most likely keep their fans to the All-Out Warfare mode up until later updates. The confirmed game modes for All-Out Warfare are old Battlefield game mode classics such as Conquest and Breakthrough

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Game Setting Makes It Likely

As seen on the main Battlefield 2042 site, the game’s setting is in the not so distant future where world governments have abandoned some of its population due rapid crises ravaging the Earth. These abandoned people are called Non-Patriates or No-Pats who don’t belong to any country and just looking for ways to survive after their government left them.


After many years, governments started to build infrastructure to reclaim and stabilize but the No-Pats do not trust these governments after leaving them behind for many years. Meanwhile, two massive political powers, such as the US and Russia in this story, are now vying for larger control of the world during these crises.

Overall, the game’s setting speaks upon layers of a “free-for-all" political struggle ranging from the personal up to the international level. The Non-Patriate setting could set up the stage for a Battle Royale mode where players try to secure large areas for themselves for resources.

Hazard Zones Could Be The Mode

Along with the All-Out Warfare, the Hazard Zones are also confirmed to arrive on Battlefield 2042 soon. EA notes that this will be a squad-based game mode and is said to be a “modern take of the multiplayer experience.” We’ve yet to see if EA can pull off a new take on the shooter genre that will not require them to truly make a new experience and not just put their own spin on a popular game mode right now.

We're likely to hear more about Hazard Zones at EA Play on July 22, so stay tuned for more Battlefield 2042 reveals in the near future.

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