Battlefield 2042 Specialist Kimble "Irish" Graves Guide - Abilities, Tips, and Loadout

Battlefield 2042 provides an extensive list of Specialists to use, but it can be hard flourishing for some of them. Kimble "Irish" Graves is no exception.

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York City, Graves has endless experience in combat and naval warfare. He's driven to protect the Non-Patriated and his fellow soldiers. Given his natural stewardship, you'd want the former Marine commanding your battalions as you head into war.

Here's how to make the most out of the engineer.

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Irish Abilities and Gadgets

Irish is always looking to protect his team from oncoming fire while defusing intense situations.

Battlefield 2042 specialist Irish with his information. Place of Birth: USA, Class: Engineer, Speciality: Fortification System, Trait: Veteran.
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Credit: EA

Speciality - Fortification System

The commander can issue two features, one of which includes the DSC Deployable Cover. The shield blocks any bullets coming from opposing teams, in addition to reducing the impact of explosives. Deploying the second feature, APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel will allow Irish to take down incoming explosive projectiles.

Trait - Veteran

Irish is always looking out for his team, as shown by his Veteran trait. When depleted, Irish can resupply teammates by providing extra armour. He can also pick up extra gear from fallen enemies, restocking on inventory and in turn, resupplying your squad with more armour.

Irish in his alternative skin wearing a hooded khaki jacket and holding a gun.
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Credit: Xbox
Irish's alternative skin (exclusive to Xbox)

Irish Specialist Tips

The DSC Deployable Cover is just above waist height, making it useful to prone behind. It's best to issue the shield when protecting strongholds in modes like Conquest. You can shield behind the cover in intense gunbattles and when enemies let their guard down, you can time the best point of attack.

Given APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel's ability to diffuse chaotic projectiles, the device is flexible in both holding and attacking situations. When protecting choke points, you can easily shield yourself and your squad from damaging explosives. And while pressing adversary strongholds, the Sentinel takes down oncoming projectiles allowing you to fixate on enemy territory and pin them down, especially useful in the Breakthrough mode.

Irish is with his son in the cockpit of the Exodus ship.
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Credit: EA
Irish is commander of the Exodus

The number one rule in any war is to always look out for your fellow soldiers. And the Veteran trait definitely lives up to this conduct. Adaptable in any situation, this feature makes Irish one of the most helpful Specialists in Battlefield 2042.

Irish Specialist Loadout Idea

Irish is ruthless as he is dominant. But just like Marine's thoughtful mindset, you'll need to consider what gun is best for each situation. The LCMG adds for a ruthless flurry of gunfire on enemy choke points. Combining this powerful weapon with Irish's fortification system would allow for forceful impact on your foes, so much they'll eventually give up. The weapon can also be used at long range, allowing for pinpoint precision.

The PBX-45 may also be favoured. Its swift and nimble nature would complement Irish's commanding presence, especially when firing upon opposing territories in close combat situations.

There's so much more to Irish! That's why we'll keep updating this page with new tips and tricks on how to best operate the leader. Mackay is another specialist who's quick, mobile, and has a deadly grappling hook. Check out our guide on how to make the most out of Mackay.

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