How to Call in Vehicles in Battlefield 2042

A plane flies towards the camera in Battlefield Portal.
Credit: EA

A plane flies towards the camera in Battlefield Portal.
Credit: EA

It's so important to get vehicles onto your side of the fight in Battlefield 2042. Given all the Battlefield 2042 vehicles and their power level, your team having fewer motorised hunks of metal than the enemy is a death sentence if you want to thrive.

Thankfully, you can call in help from above. Here's how.

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How to Get Vehicles in Battlefield 2042

There are a couple of ways to get a vehicle in Battlefield 2042.

Spawn from base

Helicopters and planes, as well as heavy-duty tanks, can be obtained when you spawn in. There's a small icon with the outline of a car near your HQ. Select that, and you'll see whether your team is already using all the slots for those vehicles. If not, you can hop into one and grab it.

Call in vehicles

Calling in vehicles is slightly different. You have to press and hold the R1/RB button or the B key on keyboard to bring up the vehicle call-in tablet. From here, you can see which vehicles are available for you to call in.

When you're holding the button down, use the left stick or mouse to choose your vehicle and press the select button (X on PlayStation, A on Xbox, left-click on PC) to choose your vehicle. Then, press the button again to confirm the location of the drop.

You can get light ground vehicles through this method, as well as the robot dog, but you'll need to wait for your chopper to drop the vehicle in for you. There's no point in having a vehicle slowly parachute down in the middle of enemy fire, so choose your moment carefully.

Now you have all your vehicles called in, why not get your best build with the top Battlefield 2042 specialists? Or, head over to our guide on the Hazard Zone game mode to see what that's all about!

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