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What is Battlefield 2042's file size?

A Battlefield 2042 operator drops from the sky using a wingsuit.
Credit: EA DICE

Battlefield 2042's file size is going to be a very important piece of info for those of us looking to start playing EA DICE's upcoming shooter. With a host of new guns, cross-play, and a Battlefield 2042 Beta coming up, you'll want to have enough space saved on your device for this game.

Check out our Battlefield 2042 guide hub for more information in the leadup to the game's release too - we have all manner of content planned both for now and upon Battlefield 2042's launch. Don't miss out!

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What is Battlefield 2042's file size?

Battlefield 2042's file size is going to be around 91GB on Xbox, according to an update noted by MP1st. This is as yet unconfirmed by the dev team, but we anticipate the file size to be around that size, along with a significant day-one install to supplement it.

We'll keep this page updated with specific download sizes by device as soon as we receive them, and hopefully there'll be a significant amount of effort put into reducing those sizes to avoid us having to delete every other game ever in order to play Battlefield. Time will tell. In the meantime, why not check out all the Battlefield 2042 game modes, or specifically learn everything we know so far about the Battlefield Portal?