Battlefield 2042 Factions and No-Pats Explained

Battlefield 2042 has no single-player campaign, but that's not to say there isn't a deep story being told by the game. In fact, there's plenty of interesting stuff going on in the world of Battlefield 2042, not least the No-Pats and the factions you play as and fight against.

Here's a quick lowdown on the Battlefield 2042 factions to give you the intel you need before jumping into the game.

Who Are the No-Pats and Which Factions Do They Fight For?

"No-Pat" is short for "Non-Patriated". These are the folks in the world of Battlefield who have been made into refugees by the ongoing worldwide conflict between the new Cold War combatants - the USA and Russia.

Society collapsed in the 2030s and the world's satellites were destroyed in 2040 due to the Kessler effect, wherein each collision between objects in the Earth's orbit creates debris thereby increasing the likelihood of more collisions.

In the new Cold War, No-Pats are hired out as proxy combatants for the USA and Russia, with various factions splitting off between the refugees.

Some No-Pats, like Oz, want to cause conflict between the two nations in order to benefit themselves, whereas others, like Kimble 'Irish' Graves, want to avoid open war and stop the ceaseless violence.

These events culminate in the War of 2042, with No-Pat specialists fighting each other on behalf of the United States of America and Russia. This is where the multiplayer experience of Battlefield 2042 comes about, and your fights in All-Out Warfare and Hazard Zone decide the outcome.

Now you're a No-Pat, why not learn the best weapons in Battlefield 2042 to make things a bit easier? There's a lot of maps to learn too, and we'll keep publishing comprehensive guides on all the stuff you'll want to know when playing Battlefield 2042.

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