Dr Disrespect Is Not In Battlefield 2042 Launch Due To Ban by EA and Blames Twitch

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You may have wondered why Dr DisRespect isn't involved in the Battlefield 2042 launch or its new content. Dr DisRespect has not been participating in many EA events because he has been banned. Not in a tangible ban, but in a Shadow Ban, as many people call it.

As a former moderator for TikTok, I can say that these "Shadow Ban" claims are just about always false. In Dr DisRespect's case, however, I can understand why. According to him, Twitch is the primary reason many companies are not contacting him, but it could have to do with his many issues.


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Battlefield 2042 ban

Dr DisRespect is well known for bashing both Apex Legends and Halo Infinite. He had not much good to say about Battlefield 2042. Microsoft has deals with EA due to their Gamepass trying to unite everyone, and perhaps the companies agreed that Dr DisRespect wasn't the best spokesperson.

Previously, we reported on Daltoosh being banned when NICKMERCS revealed it. I think that Dr DisRespect has biome another persona non grata. Esports Talk has the video of Dr DisRespect, and they bring up some excellent points:


Dr DisRespect blames Twitch, but I think the real culprit is his attitude towards many of EA and Microsoft's games.