Do You Need Xbox Live to Play Battlefield 2042?

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Battlefield 2042 is confirmed to be released on Xbox consoles later this year. As it is an online multiplayer first-person shooter game, the premium Xbox Live subscription might be needed to access its multiplayer content. Do we need to secure the subscription for Battlefield 2042.

Xbox Live Required

Similar to other online titles in Xbox Live, it’ll need to play Battlefield 2042 on release. The developers is focusing on offering a great multiplayer experience and it shows in the game’s features on release. Players won’t find any single player campaign as the developers are putting all hands on deck on improving the multiplayer side of Battlefield 2042.


If you’re planning to play Battlefield 2042, it’s best to prepare to pay Xbox Live to start and continue playing this title in the long run.

If not aiming to get an Xbox Live, the upcoming Battlefield 2042 open beta may allow players to try out the game a few months before its release. However, EA needs.

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Online Multiplayer Platform

As of now, Battlefield 2042 has three game modes lined up on release: All-Out War, Hazard Zones, and one unrevealed game mode. The All-Out War features two game modes that can be considered classic to the Battlefield series. Meanwhile, Hazard Zones is a squad-based game mode and more information will be revealed on the upcoming July 22 reveal.

Lastly, the third game mode will also be revealed during the EA Play Live on July 22. These three game modes will be the Battlefield 2042’s opener on release.

Bots For Single Player

Once you’re inside, it’s possible to play the game’s multiplayer mode solo and fight against and team up with a whole army of bots. This feature has been confirmed to help players to understand their game’s maps better without the pressure of completing objectives during normal public match.


This feature can also be played as a squad with friends. As this mode can be played solo, we’ve yet to confirm if the Xbox Live premium subscription is needed or can be played if the subscription is not available. Many players frown upon games that are online-only and have been the reason for bad reviews similar to EA’s Need For Speed 2015.

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