Battlefield 2042 Delay Rumours Heat Up

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It's been a difficult wait for Battlefield 2042 for those of us desperate for its launch. Don't look now, but things might get even worse for fans of EA DICE's latest iteration of their franchise. There are rumours Battlefield 2042 is going to be delayed, potentially into 2022.

We haven't heard any official information just yet, but the sources quoted are arguably quite reliable, with information corroborated by multiple different people. Hopefully we'll still get the Battlefield 2042 open beta soon, but we're holding our breath waiting for any kind of official information.


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Battlefield 2042 might be delayed

This whole thing started with a tweet from VentureBeat's Jeff Grub. He said, "Welcome to delay season. More delays coming this week," before clarifying that he was referring to "a singular delay". Check out the tweet below.


That's pretty rough, but it might not be Battlefield, right? It could just as easily be a bump to Halo Infinite's release date, or even something like Back 4 Blood or COD Vanguard! Maybe!

Here's hoping, for Battlefield 2042 fans. Things look a bit worse when you see other reports from community members, though. Shpeshal Nick tweeted in agreement with a post from Dealer Gaming, both prominent Xbox-centred Youtubers saying that Battlefield 2042 is going to be delayed. Here's the post.

Of course, it could just as easily be made up or misreported! We at Gfinity haven't heard anything about a delay yet, and hopefully EA DICE will come out and tell everyone exactly what the situation is with Battlefield 2042's release, because news like this is pretty unsettling for people in the community still awaiting information about the game.


It's been a long road to launch with surprisingly little info released about Battlefield 2042 so far, but we do know there'll be an anti-cheat mechanism to slow down people who distribute and use cheats in-game, as well as crossplay and a whole host of game modes.


Insider Tom Henderson added another voice to the chorus of speculators. He hasn't seen any info first-hand about a proposed delay, but claims it wouldn't surprise him based on recent gameplay footage.


Let's just hope things have gone well and we're able to get our hands on the Battlefield 2042 full release soon. We'll keep you updated with any official notification, of course.