Battlefield 2042 Beta Cheats Already Exist

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The Battlefield Portal flowchart shows info on rule-making and creating new experiences.

The Battlefield 2042 beta has only been out for a matter of days, and it looks like the anti-cheat system has already been beaten. With the issues Warzone has faced in recent times, Battlefield 2042 already having cheats is something the dev team will want to look into taking action on as quickly as possible.

A while back, we spoke to cheats provider iWantCheats, investigating their reasoning behind creating and selling cheats. Well, it turns out they work fast, as they've told Gfinity that after just 45 minutes, they were able to create cheats for Battlefield 2042.


This includes all the scary ones including aimbot and wallhacks, but if you spot a cheater, there's a Battlefield 2042 reporting system that should work to swiftly eject them from the game.

Of course, the beta is by nature an old version of Battlefield 2042, and thus it's fair to assume the full release won't have quite as much wrong with it, but with how swiftly cheats were made available in this version, it's safe to say you might want to be a tad worried about what's to come.

Let's hope EA are able to figure out an anti-cheat system that works for the majority. It seems hackers are often first to the punch but with a well-supported and consistent reaction from the dev team, Battlefield 2042 will hopefully still be a largely cheat-free experience.